About Gymstick Nordic Walking poles

Gymstick Nordic Walking poles

Correct Nordic Walking technique and effective Gymstick resistance training are best achieved with equipment designed specifically for Gymstick Nordic Walking. In order to ensure efficient and safe exercising, Gymstick has concentrated on the following details:

  • Durable and light carbon shafts

  • Ergonomically designed grips

  • Specifically designed strap offering outstanding power transfer and support

  • Correctly angled and sharp spike tip

  • Asphalt paw for improved grip and shock absorption

  • Easy transform to Gymstick resistance training equipment

The correct pole length is calculated by multiplying the height of the person with 0,68. The recommended lengths are shown on the table here beside. The angle of the elbow should be 90 degrees when the spike/paw is placed on the ground. The table here below helps choosing the ideal resistance level : Medium: 1-15 kg, for women, junior athletes Strong: 1-20 kg, for fit women, men, young athletes