About Gymstick

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How does the Gymstick work?

GYMSTICK is a fitness tool designed to simplify and effectively combine cardiovascular, muscular endurance and flexibility training. GYMSTICK is a new and innovative fitness tool that combines stick- and resistance band exercise into one effective workout.

Attach the resistance bands to both ends of the stick by using the attachment mechanism and set the loops under your feet. Now you are ready to start working out with GYMSTICK! You can do hundreds of different exercises and combination movements. You can increase the resistance quickly by rolling the resistance bands around the stick. If you want to decrease the resistance, just let the bands loose from around the stick.

Gymstick is available in four different resistance levels, depending on Your fitness level. The resistance varies from 1–25 kilos according to the resistance level and whether you roll the bands around the stick or not. The resistance levels are colour-coded: Green (light): for rehabilitation exercise and exercise for the elderly. Blue (medium): for women and junior athletes. Black (strong): for fit women, young athletes and men. Silver (extra strong): for fit men and athletes.

The novelty of Autumn 2005 will be the telescopic Gymstick for exercise at home and on trips. The Telescopic Gymstick fits in a normal suitcase so it is easy to take along when you travel and want to keep fit during your trip. You can always use the stick and bands separately as well.

The combination of the exercise stick and resistance bands is a new way of combining muscular endurance, flexibility training and core strength. This allows you to improve your fitness level safely. GYMSTICK is easy and safe to use because it is designed for all age groups and fitness levels.