About Gymstick

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Safety aspects

Gymstick was created to enable safe and effective exercise. Anybody can exercise safely with Gymstick, because unlike with free weights, where you can easily injure yourself Gymstick training doesnt place a lot of stress on your back. The reason for this is that resistance is always under your centre of gravity. Gymstick is ideal for people with back problems, because it is possible to do several different exercises while lying on the back, thus considerably reducing the strain on your spine!

Gymstick is also designed for athletes. Various explosive power exercises can be done safely, because the Gymstick weighs much less than free weights, and the impact from jumps and other explosive power exercises is minimal. Gymstick is an ideal way for junior athletes to learn the correct techniques before starting with free weight exercises. Anybody can improve his/her muscle condition safely with Gymstick!