About Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking technique

Keep the poles close to the body. The stride begins as the heel touches the ground and ends when the toe together with the ball of the foot pushes itself off the ground. The pelvis lifts up high and the general posture is taut and forward leaning. The upper and lower torso are involved in a clearly defined counter-swinging motion during which the mid-torso muscle groups are actively worked. Opposite arms and legs swing alternately forwards and back.

The walker's right arm is forward and slightly bent with the pole held at an angle. The left hand is past the line of the pelvis and the left arm extends back during pole thrust. The right leg is extended at the ankle as it pushes off the ground. The left leg is forward with the heel making contact with the ground to begin a new stride.

The right arm's pole thrust and the left leg thrust take place more or less simultaneously. The fists of the hands pass by one another slightly in front of the body and the right hand pole thrust begins as soon as it passes the line of the pelvis. At the same time the left arm swings under and forward with the fist and pole grip foremost.

The pole thrust is completed as the right arm extends itself fully. To effectively complete arm extension the palm of the hand opens out slightly and the final thrust is made via the pole strap. At the same time the left fist and pole grip lift slightly upwards and forward as the arm bends at the elbow. The left leg is extended at the ankle as it thrusts off the ground while the right leg is forward with the heel strike beginning a new stride.

The right hand's pole thrust ends with the palm of the hand opening out and the arm almost fully extended. The left arm's pole thrust is beginning. The left leg begins its effort and the weight transfers to the right leg. The body leans markedly forward.