Exercise Programmes

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Exercise should have a purpose

Even in todays busy lifestyle, good Quality of life is highly appreciated and one big part of the quality comes from wellbeing. Many of us are willing to invest time, money and effort to remain active throughout the life. Taking regular exercise is a highly recommended way of keeping fit and from todays large range of sports everybody can find something that fits to his/her personal fondness and brings pleasure to everyday life. A good physical condition is a safe base to start and it should be the goal for everybody. Even minor changes in the everyday routines can bring remarkable results! But also, if your goal is to get your body in great shape, look and feel good, stand taller or perhaps perform better with visibly greater muscles and strength, you can achieve that goal easily, too. Gymstick provides you with targeted training whether you take it in a fitness club, individually under supervision of a Personal Trainer or alone at home with the help of a workout video or maybe even with the Training Online service! Gymstick is also extremely suitable for the needs of rehabilitation and together with a professional therapist or Doctor it is possible to get very good results. If you are a rehabilitation professional, your goal is to provide a safe environment to improve the way your patients or athletes respond internally as well as to the gravitational forces we live with.

Gymstick will enhance your sports performance through the power of your core. Exercise will improve your quickness, balance and accuracy with racquet or club sports by increasing the speed or better hand-eye coordination through repetitive, rapid muscle contractions. Try our suggested exercise programmes or develop your own with the help of our Training Online service. Gymstick offers an excellent low impact workout for seniors, juniors and athletes willing to increase the intensity, strength and endurance of the body. Using Gymstick to train the muscles used in such sports as volley-ball, martial arts, golf, tennis, baseball, ice hockey, rock climbing, running and many other sports will bring favourable effects on the performance.