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Gymstick for Fitness Centres

Today more than ever we realize the importance of good health to our daily life. Whether we think of individual training or group exercise classes, wellbeing and activity are important. Weight training and aerobic exercise alone are not enough to fulfil the needs of todays demanding club members.

The ageing population all over the world do not look for massive muscles but they are interested in a lean and sculpted body, good body balance, core stabilization and good condition of cardiovascular organs. And they expect their fitness workout to be injury-free. Women and men at any age today are aware of heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. and they are willing to invest time and money in wellbeing and a better quality of life in other words remaining active throughout their lives.

To be competitive, health clubs must continue to "stimulate" their members with new and innovative classes. Gymstick is easy to combine with other equipment to create customized programmes for unlimited training potential and variety. Gymstick offers the club members the most comprehensive, core-strengthening, muscle-toning cardiovascular workout imaginable. An ideal Gymstick instructor is creative and adds new routines to existing exercise programmes and offers the club members an enjoyable, safe and dynamic workout with favourable effects on health.

Keeping the business aspects in mind, the advantages of Gymstick are evident: there's no assembly required, storage space is minimal and it's the most cost-effective device you can find on the market.

Gymstick is available in 4 different resistance levels to choose from to provide the optimal training environment at the Personal Training- , Health- or Fitness club.