Group Workout

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Group Training Concept

The GYMSTICK group training concept includes at the moment three different group workouts designed for rehabilitation centres, fitness centres and gyms. The workouts are Gymstick Health, Gymstick Power and Gymstick Challenge. The GYMSTICK concept is developed and marketed by our training organization, World Gymstick Team (WGT). WGT co-operates closely with the National Gymstick Teams (NGT). The National Teams are responsible for marketing GYMSTICK group workouts and developing and supervising the GYMSTICK concept in their own market area. Today people all over the world participate GYMSTICK group workouts at fitness centers, health clubs etc it is one of the fastest growing workouts in the world!

World Gymstick Team (WGT)

WGT is the organization supervising the development of the licensed Gymstick Group training products and education. Until today WGT has concentrated on developing the group training concept consisting of Gymstick Health, Gymstick Power and Gymstick Challenge workout programmes. These workouts are already a very popular form of group exercising and the Gymstick enthusiasm is growing rapidly all over the world. The Head Trainers of WGT are top professionals and their task is to educate and update the education of Head Trainers of the National Gymstick Teams around the world.

WGT Head Instructors

Sanna Kasurinen

Jutta sterberg

Marianne Kyrklund

National Gymstick Team (NGT)

The National Gymstick Team is an organization responsible for education of the licensed Gymstick group instructors in its own territory (=country). The authorisation for Gymstick education is given to each National Team by WGT which is supervising the actions of each team carefully. The Master Trainers of NGT are top professionals in sports and health fitness with strong experience on instructing group classes.