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GYMSTICK Power is a group class, which consists of three different phases: an aerobic warm up phase, an effective muscle condition phase and a calmer cool down and stretching phase. Muscle condition exercises are rhythmical and continuous. They combine lower-body, mid-section and upper-body exercises. The exercises improve body control, muscle strength and balance. GYMSTICK Power workouts are designed for both men and women, whether they are beginners or more advanced fitness enthusiasts. GYMSTICK Power is meant for people who want an effective workout that improves the body control, muscle condition and endurance. For more information about Gymstick Classes, contact your local fitness centre.

GYMSTICK Challenge is an effective muscle condition group class. The Challenge Class includes many typical GYMSTICK muscle condition exercises, which improve motor co-ordination and body control. The Challenge Class consists of trios of movements, in which you move from comprehensive combination movements to isolating and effective movements that work on one or two joints at a time. One of the goals of GYMSTICK Challenge is to encourage coaches, group instructors and personal trainers to use the structure of GYMSTICK Challenge Classes in both group and individual training. GYMSTICK Challenge is an effective and simple muscle condition exercise for anybody. For more information about Gymstick Classes, contact your local fitness centre.

GYMSTICK Health Classes are designed to meet the needs of physiotherapy centres, rehabilitation centres and health spas. The workout is aimed to improve your muscle condition, balance, cardiovascular fitness and mobility safely and sensibly. GYMSTICK Health Classes aim to improve your condition, motivate you and give you ideas on how to work out with the GYMSTICK outside the Health Classes as well, e.g. at home. GYMSTICK Health Classes are for men and women who exercise and want to stay active for the rest of their lives. For more information about Gymstick Classes, contact your local health- or fitness centre.

GYMSTICK Pilates is a body control technique to gain strength and endurance. It is based on core stabilization by strengthening the deep muscles of the body. It is a challenging, logical and inspiring form of exercise which suits as well for group classes as for home workout. The GYMSTICK tool is used for simple movements concentrating on the core control which is essential for Pilates. The GYMSTICK Pilates programme completes your GYMSTICK training by activating the dynamic musclework of your body. You will learn how to advance from step to step to build your muscle strength and improve the mobility. Your posture will improve and you will really learn better how your body works. The simple and effective GYMSTICK Pilates workout combines the versatility of GYMSTICK with the well known Pilates method to an extremely effective and motivating exercise programme.