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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m 55 years female, taking a lot of exercise and would like to start exercising with Gymstick – what would be my colour?
Answer: We would recommend the blue = medium Gymstick where the resistance varies from 1 kg to 15 kilos.

Question: How many calories can I burn per Gymstick hour?
Answer: A loss of 700 calories has been measured after a one hour Gymstick muscle training class! Of course the intensity of your exercise effects the actual fat loss and it’s obvious that participating in a Gymstick Challenge class will burn more fat than participating a Gymstick Health class.

Question: How much does it cost to start Gymstick classes at my club?
Answer: You should contact your local Gymstick Training organisation (NGT) to find out the price of the course as the fitness instructor who would be the Gymstick instructor of your club should participate in a Gymstick Instructor Training Course arranged by this organisation. Providing Gymsticks for the club for group workouts depends on the amount you are ordering, please contact your local Gymstick reseller for an offer.

Question: How many times should I be training per week?
Answer: There is no rule as you will set your own goals – perhaps with the help of a Personal Trainer, Therapist or Doctor. You can train once, twice, three times or even every day, there is no limit. Your own fitness level and goals and motivation are your guidelines.