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Danilo Crivellari
Physiotherapist, AIA (Italian Referees Association)
Physiotherapist of the ARDOR VOLLEY BUSTESE (women's serie A volleyball team):

"GYMSTICK is a total body fitness tool that will create real results, real fast, if used correctly. GYMSTICK is an excellent aide in physiotherapy because it is so versatile. The physiotherapist can use his or her own imagination to create an unlimited number of therapeutical solutions to suit the needs of every patient."

Tina Hedren
Swedish Champion in Aerobics, 1996:

“The GYMSTICK is a great fitness tool because it allows you to try an endless number of movements. I have tried many different fitness tools during the 20 years that I have worked as a group exercise instructor, but the GYMSTICK tops them all. The response from the people was extremely positive, when I started using the GYMSTICK during my group workouts. People liked the large variety of movements and the quick changes between them. They also thought that it was easy to increase and decrease the resistance. In addition, people felt that their balance, co-ordination, and muscular strength improved during the exercises“.

Juha Skyttä, Professional Coach, Finnish national golf team:

“Gymstick is a splendid exercise tool for golf players as well. With it you can train your strength and balance to improve your performance in golf. I recommend it.”

Hannu Nordström, Sports Instructor and Golf nad Tennis Pro in the Vierumäki Sports Institute:

“Finally golfers can train strength and mobility with a simple and effective exercise tool which fits into the golf bag. I recommend it to all golfers.”

Mervi Salomaa, Office Worker and a fitness enthusiast:

“Gymstick is perfect for office workouts even in small offices. You can activate blood circulation in the shoulder and neck region or do comprehensive exercises at your desk. The Gymstick is ideal for group workouts in the office. I highly recommend this excellent fitness tool for any office.”

Jussi Kirjavainen, Physiotherapist:

“Gymstick is an excellent rehabilitation and fitness tool! I recommend it for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.”

Seppo Rautanen, Assistant Vice President of Kone Corporation:

“Exercising with Gymstick is motivating and inspiring. I like the fact that the Gymstick is so versatile and it is easy and fast to adjust the resistance. It is easy to exercise with the Gymstick at home, for instance. I recommend it most warmly to everybody.”

Ari-Pekka Lattu, Sprinter, 400 meter hurdles, Finnish record holder:

"The Gymstick is a welcome addition to strength training. It is easy for athletes to train with it anywhere, even when travelling; it is small and light and easy to carry along. Gymstick is the most effective and versatile fitness tool I have ever tried. I recommend it warmly to all who do competitive sports!"

Mike Antoniades, Performance & Rehabilitation Director, UK:

“Gymstick is the most effective and versatile fitness tool you have ever tried. It’s also easy to use! Gymstick is a fitness tool, which enables you to work efficiently and safely on your muscle condition, mobility, oxygen uptake and co-ordination. Gymstick is a challenging but easy to use tool for fitness, rehabilitative exercising, office exercising, competitive sports training and maintaining your physical condition on vacation and on business trips. In addition to all of this, Gymstick is also affordable and easy to store. Exercising with a Gymstick is fun and rewarding because there are so many movements to choose from and the instructions are nice and simple. Have a good workout!”

Riku Aalto Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer FAF Finland (Fitness Academy of Finland) :

”The biggest problem in modern society is that we don’t work enough on the human body’s hundreds of muscles and this causes deterioration of support and locomotory systems. Gymstick is a versatile device for effective rehabilitating and working on the different muscle groups. It is a continuation to stick exercising but it is a more efficient way of working on your muscles because it enables you to work against resistance. I recommend the Gymstick, it is very efficient!”

Marianne Kyrklund, Specialized physiotherapist, Master of Public Health The Finnish Health Exercise Institute:

“Gymstick is simple, effective and easy to use. It encourages people to work out in groups as well as individually at home. The purpose for Health Gymstick Classes is to acquire good muscular balance. We can do this by activating the deep muscles of the torso and in doing so improve body and movement control. This will also enable us to stress the body enough but not too much. Health Gymstick Classes include a lot of muscle conditioning exercises, which improve mobility and balance without the person even noticing it. I recommend the Gymstick for fitness and health exercise groups as well as for individual exercising to boost and inspire individual training.”

Anni Kivinen, retired:

”Gymstick is easy to use and safe, even for senior citizens. It is a simple device and it is easy to adjust the resistance according to how you feel during the workout. It is easy to store and it doesn’t take up too much space. Gymstick is fun and enjoyable!”

Eki Rinkinen HIFK (Helsinki Ice Hockey Club) junior ice hockey coach Personal Trainer:

“Gymstick is an outstanding equipment. The first time I saw it, I was immediately sold. The best qualities of Gymstick are its safety and diversity. By exercising 30 minutes at a time, three times a week with a Gymstick, you can maintain your muscle condition and oxygen uptake at a high level. Even an athletic persons can raise their heartbeat to the endurance level by doing muscle-conditioning exercises with the Gymstick. It is extremely efficient for working on your co-ordination. The Gymstick videotape is excellent for individual training. Gymstick suits especially well for young athletes.”