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Gymstick in the news

Women's Fitness & Health

There seems to be lot of talk about core strenght and core stability...

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Great results really fast!

GYMSTICK is a revolutionary total body fitness tool that strengthens, tones and defines every muscle in your body and core!

Designed for all ages and fitness levels, GYMSTICK delivers real results, real fast. This athletic-based fitness tool uses its unique technology to work every major (and minor) muscle group in the body and core. GYMSTICK strengthens, tones, and defines like nothing else. GYMSTICK is non-impact and works all the major muscle groups as well as the small supporting muscle groups which are used for balance and coordination. You can replicate any free weights exercise including squats, presses, lunges and curls, cleans snatches etc.

Watch Gymstick intro video here

  Watch Gymstick Nordic Walking video here